Industry Facts:

  • The global primary hip market is estimated at $9.8 billion
  •  4% of the NHS budget is spent on Bed Sore treatment
  • 140m contact lense users worldwide
  • 500,000 adults in the UK have dental implants

Synovial Joints (eg knee and hip joints) are continuously transmitting large dynamic loads whilst accommodating a wide range of movements. Due to diseases such as osteoarthritis and trauma these joints occasionally need to be replaced by artificial implants. Tribology Research  considers the friction, wear and lubrication of natural and artificial joints alongside the wear debris from the joint implants and the human bodies reaction to this. As the number of joint replacements continues to rise to well over 1 million per year worldwide, the need for improved understanding and research in this field is essential.

Other tribology research areas covered by the Bio-Medical industry:

  • Skin Tribology: Damage and Blisters (bed sores), Medical and Cosmetic treatment
  • Dental Tribology: tooth and implant wear
  • Medical Devices: Catheters and artificial cardiovascular system
  • Ocular: contact lenses and ocular surfaces
  • Other human bodies and tissues: hair, bones,  and capillary blood flow

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