Abstract STLE Presentation May 2014

Dr Marc Ingram will be presenting the following at the 69th STLE conference in Florida in May.

Wear II. Wednesday 4 – 4:30 pm

Investigating Scuffing Using a New Test Method

  1. Ingram, C. Hamer, PCS Instruments, London, United Kingdom, H. Spikes, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

“Scuffing can occur in high sliding speed/high load contacts, during a breakdown of both the hydrodynamic and boundary films. The unprotected metal-metal contact that ensues exhibits high friction as the surfaces are momentarily welded and torn apart. A new testing method has been designed that can aid in the fundamental study of scuffing and screen the scuffing performance of formulated lubricants. The new testing method uses a high pressure, contra-rotating contact which accelerates the onset of scuffing in a controlled manner. The occurrence of scuffing is easily identified by a large change in the measured friction coefficient, and can then be classified in terms of the sliding speed or applied load at failure, which can be increased step-wise or linearly.”