April Conferences

So far this month PCS have attended the IET conference, Birmingham and exhibited at TriboUK, Leeds University. The IET included many thought provoking talks on the future of Tribology in a wide range of applications. A panel discussion enabled in-depth discussions on ‘hot’ topics such as driverless cars, hip replacements and  the efficiency of wind turbines. Both Professor Peter Jost and Professor Duncan Dowson gave speeches on ‘Tribology and productivity’ and ‘Hard and Soft Matter in Bio-Tribology’. They included comparisons between the past, current and future tribology issues, which served as a eye opening moment on how far Tribology has come and still how many issues there are to be resolved.

TriboUK  included many interesting, innovative talks given by PHD students on current tribological problems from many different industries, a poster competition displayed their research  on these problems to date and objectives moving forward. A number of posters included comprehensive research completed using PCS Instruments and one created by Imperial College London unveiled the first glimpse of results produced from our new Bio-Tribology Rig which will be displayed in May at the STLE conference in Las Vegas.

If you are attending make sure to come along to out booth (114-116) to find out more.