HFRR Available Hardware and Software Options – What is the Most Suitable Option For You?

HFRR Control Unit

HFRR: the basic system is supplied with a control unit, pre-set to perform ASTM D6079 and ISO 12156-1 test methods. Results are displayed on the in-built window. Wear scar is measured manually using a metallurgical microscope and calibrated  micrometer stage (HFRRMIC).

PC & Monitor

HFRRPC: Software that enables the user to perform standard tests (ASTM&ISO) through PC with parameters, with the results clearly displayed on the monitor. PC, monitor and connecting cable are included.

HFRR RTD Connecting Cable

HFRRSOFT: (HFRR software and connecting cable): Software required to perform standard tests (ASTM&ISO) with parameters and results clearly displayed on monitor. User must supply PC.




AUTOHFR: Enables user to perform non– standard testing, varying parameters such as temperature, test time and humidity. No hardware is included in this option.


Microscope with WS camera, Mic stage & assembly retouched

HFRRWSC: HFRR wear scar camera is only compatible with the PCS microscope (HFRRMIC); it includes software to visualise the image and determine the wear scar diameter. However, it is only fully-functional when used in conjunction with HFRSOFT.


Please note PCS Instruments is the only specified manufacturer of the HFR Rig and specimens on ASTM D6079 & ISO 12156-1. If any other brands are used, the test will not conform to these standards.