ASTM D6079 – What Items Do You Require to Conform to the Standard?

ASTM D6079: Evaluating Diesel Fuel Lubricity

The ASTM D6079 specifies the PCS Instruments’ High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) mechanical and control unit.


The HFRR system is comprised of:

  • Mechanical test unit with upper and lower specimen holders.
  • Control and data acquisition system pre-loaded with standard test protocols.
  • User manual.
  • Main RTD temperature probe.
  • Tool set.
  • Weight hanger cord.
  • Screw set.
  • Weight set.
  • Calibration plugs.
  • An ultrasonic seamless stainless steel bath is required with adequate capacity and a cleaning power of 40 W or greater.
  • A microscope capable of 100x magnification in graduations of 0.1mm and increments of 0.01mm divisions. PCS Microscope is a metallurgical microscope with a calibrated micrometer stage.

IMG_3394Meiji Microscope with eyepiece, mic stage & assembly

D6079-11 specifies the use of a microscope with a digital camera capable of 100x magnification and a resolution with  a minimum of 2048 x 1536 pixels. PCS wear scar camera fits onto the top of the microscope. The wear scar camera is not compatible with any other microscope.

Meiji Microscope with WS camera, Mic stage & assembly

Recommended consumables for one year testing (500 tests):

5 x HFRR Specimen Packs (HFRRSSP) 2 x  Screw Set (HFRSS)
1 x  Tool Set (HFRTOOL) 1x Weight Hanger Cord (HFRWHC)
1 x  Microscope lamp for HFRR microscope (HFRMICLAMP) 2 X Main Temperature Probe (HFRMRTD)


Reference fluids A+B are required to verify the test apparatus performance and accuracy. Reference fluids come in 0.5 & 1.8 litre cans.

Cans Fuel-1

Please note PCS Instruments is the only specified manufacturer of the HFRR Rig and specimens on ASTM D6079. If any other brands are used, the test will not conform to this standard.