HFRR ASTM D6079 Reference Fuels

Close-up of HFRR contact area
PCS Instruments is the sole supplier of the HFRR, as stated in ASTM method D6079. The procedure states that ASTM reference (A + B)  fuels must be tested every 20 tests  to verify the apparatus’s performance. These fuels adhere to the ISO method and can be purchased from PCS Instruments in 1.8 litre cans.

The manufacturer of the reference fuels produces, on average, one batch every 12 months. From the point of production, the fuels are valid for 12 months. PCS has no control over the dates of production and is only able to supply the fuel which is valid at the point of order.

We are aware that for some customers purchasing large quantities of fuel, which will soon be out of date, is not ideal. To accommodate these customers, we will continue to supply fuel in 500ml cans. Please contact PCS for further information.

The expiry date of the current batch is 16th January 2017

Cans Fuel-1 (Small)

Please be aware that:

  • There may be short periods, when we are unable to supply any reference fluid due to a gap between the expiry of existing fuel and supply of the new batch.
  • The fuels are valid for 12 months from production date; therefore the validity may be considerably less by the time the fuel reaches the customer.
  • PCS may not re-stock reference fluids with only a short period of validity remaining and so will be unable to fulfill any orders until the new batch becomes available.

Please contact PCS if you have any questions regarding this.