3D SLIM Mapper: What are the differences?

3D SLIM Mapper: What are the differences?

The MTM2 , ETM and EHD2 have a 3D SLIM option available. EHD2 A lubricant film is formed between a rotating coated glass disc and 3/4” steel ball.  An RGB camera  is used to capture a dynamic image of the contact in the elastohydrodynamic region. The SLIM software analyses the image and produces one measurement […]

ASTM D6079- What items do you require to conform to the standard?

ASTM D6079 : Evaluating Diesel Fuel Lubricity The ASTM D6079 specifies the PCS Instruments’ High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR) mechanical and control Unit. HFRR system ( P/N:HFRRSYS) comprises of: Mechanical test unit with upper and lower specimen holders. Control and data acquisition system pre-loaded with standard test protocols.   User manual Main RTD temperature probe Tool […]

HFRR ASTM D6079 Reference Fuels

PCS Instruments is the sole supplier of the HFRR, as stated in ASTM method D6079. The procedure states that ASTM reference (A + B)  fuels must be tested every 20 tests  to verify the apparatus’s performance. These fuels adhere to the ISO method and can be purchased from PCS Instruments in 1.8 litre cans. The […]