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PCS Instruments prioritises the accuracy and reliability of your instruments through targeted customer service and maintenance. We aim to minimise downtime and guarantee consistent performance through a combination of preventative maintenance, prompt support, and expert calibration services.

Our maintenance strategy involves regular inspections and servicing to prevent potential issues before they happen. This includes recalibrating instruments and replacing parts as needed to maintain optimal accuracy. Our support team is readily available during UK working hours to provide assistance to be sure any concerns are addressed quickly to keep your operations running smoothly.

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Annual Maintenance

PCS engineer working on HFRR

We offer annual inspections where our team visits your site by appointment to service and inspect instruments. If issues are reported in advance, we conduct a more detailed investigation. This includes replacing parts, recalibrating for accuracy, and conducting reference tests to ensure operational integrity.


Our support team is available during UK working hours (9am -5pm GMT) via phone, email, or video call. The R&D team provides support for new applications or challenges, offering test profile suggestions and operational advice.

Warranty and On-Site Services

HFRR calibration device

A 12-month warranty on replacement parts is provided, with an option to extend up to three years. Installation and training services are included with new purchases. In North America and the United Kingdom, PCS experts can perform installation and training on-site. For other regions, our distributor network assists with setup and training.

Calibration Services

Calibration services are available for HFRR and ABS users, including UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) certification for some items, to meet audit requirements.

By emphasising preventative maintenance, responsive support, and precision calibration, we empower you to maintain the reliability and accuracy of your instruments. This approach minimises operational disruptions, making sure that your testing proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Through our dedicated efforts, we support the continuity and success of your projects by keeping your instruments in optimal condition.

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