Presentation Kits

PCS Instruments are now supplying all instrument orders with professional compact cases. These lightweight, durable cases minimise the possibility of damaging or misplacing items and ensures workspaces are kept organised and tidy. All parts are named to enable a fast and efficient process should any items need replacing.

All available kits are listed below:

  • ABS Essentials Kit
  • HFRR Accessories Kit
  • HFRR Calibration Kit
  • HFRR Gasoline Conversion Kit
  • MTM2 Accessories Kit
  • MTM2 Calibration Kit
  • MTM2 3D SLIM Accessories
  • MTM2 Reciprocating Kit
  • MTM2 Mini Pot Kit
  • MTM2 Pin on Disc Kit
  • MTM2 Grease Scoop Kit
  • EHD2 Mechanical Calibration Kit
  • EHD2 Optical Calibration Kit
  • EHD2 Accessories Kit
  • USV Rotor and Stator Set
  • MPR Specimen Kit

These cases are now available to purchase full or empty. Please contact PCS for more details.