Summer of STEM 2024

As UK schools will start winding down for summer, it’s time for our annual Summer of STEM 2024 round-up of STEM activities and experiences for kids across the UK. In this quick guide, we’ve selected an handful of enriching and educational opportunities designed to fill the summer holidays with learning and fun.

Whether your child’s interest lies in interactive museum exhibits, hands-on workshops, or immersive outdoor explorations, our list features a variety of events to captivate curious minds of all ages. While we highlight some of the most intriguing options here, remember that this is just a starting point—there are hundreds more activities and classes available all over the UK.

So explore our guide and discover the best ways for you and your family to engage with the vibrant world of STEM this summer. Read on to learn more about these exciting opportunities and find the perfect educational adventure to ignite your child’s enthusiasm for discovery!

Science Museums and Centers

  • The Science Museum, London: Offers a broad spectrum of child-friendly interactive exhibits and workshops, where children can dive into the realms of space travel, physics, and much more through engaging, hands-on experiences. The museum’s dynamic setup helps stimulate curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of science.
  • Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum: Provides a comprehensive range of exhibits, including a full-dome planetarium and interactive displays involving robotics. The museum becomes even more educational during the summer with its specialised science camps and workshops that delve deeper into scientific subjects, encouraging children to learn by doing.

Nature and Wildlife Exploration

  • Eden Project, Cornwall: This iconic ecological park, housed in futuristic biomes, offers a rich educational experience focused on plant science, ecology, and sustainability. Children can take part in interactive planting workshops or explore environmental science through tailored ‘eco’ tours that emphasise sustainable living practices.
  • London Wetland Centre: A haven for young nature enthusiasts, this centre offers educational programs that allow children to explore wetland environments. Through activities like guided nature walks and pond-dipping, children gain practical knowledge of ecology and the importance of biodiversity conservation.

University-Led STEM Events

  • British Science Festival (11-15 September, 2024): Hosted this year by the University of East London, this historic festival travels to a new UK city each year, offering a vibrant program of free talks, workshops, and events across multiple venues. Engage with groundbreaking science through activities that celebrate the diversity and impact of scientific endeavours, suitable for all ages and interests.
  • Great Exhibition Road Festival, London (15-16 June 2024): A celebration of science and arts hosted by Imperial College London, this festival offers interactive experiments, live demonstrations, and workshops. Children have the unique opportunity to engage directly with scientists and engineers, learning about the latest in technological advancements and even creating their own inventions.

Engineering Workshops

  • Funtech Robotics Camp: This camp offers workshops that focus on robotics and engineering, enabling kids to build and program robots. The curriculum is designed to challenge students while making learning enjoyable and directly applicable to real-world technologies.
  • TechCamp UK: Known for its immersive engineering workshops, this camp offers diverse programs that allow children to explore various engineering fields. Each session is structured to provide hands-on experience with real engineering tasks, enhancing problem-solving skills and technical knowledge.

Coding Camps

These camps offer a fun introduction to coding for kids through summer workshops that focus on programming skills applied to game design, app development, and website creation. The camps aim to foster creativity and problem-solving skills through technology.

  • Blueshift Coding: Specialises in introducing children to technology through coding and digital arts. The courses are designed to inspire creativity and logical thinking, covering everything from basic programming to advanced computer skills.
  • Code Kids: Focuses on empowering children by teaching them to code in a fun, engaging environment. The workshops encourage kids to build their own tech projects, fostering a sense of accomplishment and technical acuity.
  • Jet Learn: Offers comprehensive online coding classes that promote creative problem-solving and innovation among kids. The curriculum is tailored to keep children engaged and excited about learning new technologies.


  • Kielder Observatory, Northumberland: Situated in one of the darkest spots in England, this observatory offers educational programs that introduce children to the basics of astronomy. Special events include practical sessions on telescope handling and astronomy-themed workshops, such as rocket building.
  • Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre, Cheshire: This centre hosts various astronomy workshops and events where children can learn about the cosmos. The activities are designed to be hands-on, including stargazing events, planetarium shows, and interactive sessions on celestial phenomena.

Interactive Science Fairs and Festivals

Big Bang Fair, NEC Birmingham (19 – 21 June 2024): This is one of the largest celebrations of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in the UK. The fair features an array of workshops, interactive exhibits, and live shows, all aimed at inspiring young people to consider futures in STEM fields.

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, London (2-7 July, 2024): Discover cutting-edge science through interactive exhibits and hands-on activities with over 300 scientists. Features include personal brain scanners, Antarctic ice core samples, and a waste-based chandelier. Available for in-person and virtual participation, suitable for all ages and ideal for school groups exploring STEM.

So as the academic year winds down, this quick guide offers a treasure trove of potential summer STEM activities across the UK, perfect for young minds eager to explore and learn. From interactive museum exhibits and hands-on engineering workshops to engaging outdoor explorations and cutting-edge science festivals, there’s something to spark curiosity and foster a passion for discovery in children (and adults!) of all ages.

We hope you find the perfect activity for your family – so prepare for a summer filled with educational adventures that combine fun with learning, inspiring a lifelong interest in STEM!

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