Client Story

Dr. Sarah Crossland

Independent Researcher


University of Hull




Finding the right equipment for Biotribology research

‘Biotribology is often the overlooked relative of its hard material counterparts and as such it can be difficult to try and find an appropriate piece of equipment to conduct the variance of testing required with soft materials. With PCS being such an approachable company, it was easy to discuss my research needs for soft tissue interactions. PCS were able to help us to select the most appropriate testing set-up to allow for bespoke adaptions to be made by our team allowing us to push forward with our research.’


PCS was the obvious choice for finding the appropriate equipment

‘PCS machines were used heavily in the labs where I undertook my doctorate and I had seen them at numerous conferences such as STLE and TriboUK which supports early career researchers. Having this exposure to PCS introduced me to the scale and possibilities of their equipment and they were my first thought when I transitioned to being an independent researcher looking to set up my own lab space.’


Continued use of PCS machines to support ongoing research

‘By utilising the capabilities of the equipment, we were able to develop a bespoke sample holder to allow us to better control our biological soft tissue interactions for a range of testing purposes including around wound care and the diabetic foot.


PCS have been supportive throughout our research and are on hand to answer any queries about how best to optimise our use of their equipment. It is highly beneficial when conducting work in biological soft tissues which come with natural variations to have a trusted company to liaise with. We will continue to use PCS equipment and are already looking at potential ways with them that we can improve and adapt to move forward with our research to better replicate in-vivo conditions.’

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