TAE 2016 Esslingen, Germany

Last week we exhibited at the TAE 2016, in Esslingen, Germany, which proved to be extremely valuable for PCS Instruments. We had a stream of visitors to our booth, bringing engaging conversations with both existing and potential new customers. It was a most rewarding few days, with a number of dynamic presentations given by influential speakers, which were directly applicable to our instruments; namely the MTM, MPR, EHD, USV and HFRR.

To follow are a list of those presentations in case you were unable to attend. Please contact us directly by email if you missed these, and we will try to obtain a copy for you.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand at Arablab 2016: 20 – 23 March 2016.

Liquid Amides – A New Group V Base Stock Technology – G. Stansfield, Croda, Snaith UK – (MTM)

Characterisation of Wind Turbine Gear Oils for Improved Reliability of Wind Turbines – K. Topolovec Miklozic, Powertrib Ltd, Oxford, UK (MPR)

White Structure Flaking: Simulation of Bearing Rig and bench Tests – J. Franke, Schaeffler Technologies AG, Germany. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, USA (MPR)

Oil Soluble Polyalkylene Glycols – A Versatile Component for Enabling the Formulation of Modern gear Lubricants – M. Greaves, Dow Chemical, Horgen, Switzerland (MTM, EHD)

Boundary Lubrication of Biofuels and Similar Molecules on Metallic and Ceramic Surfaces – A. Weinebeck, RWTH, Aachen, Germany (HFRR)

Effect of Lubricants on White Etching Caused by High Surface Stress – J. Guevremont, Afton Chemical, Richmond, USA (MPR, HFRR)

Propagation of Surface Cracks under Rolling Contact Fatigue Conditions – A. Kadiric, Imperial College, London, UK (MPR)

Utilizing Optimize MoDTC Technology in Combination with Organic Friction Modifiers for Enhanced Fuel Efficiency Possibilities – M.K. Patel, Vanderbilt Chemicals LLC, USA

Influence of Engine Oil Formulation on Wear for Soot-Containing Oils – H. Spikes, Imperial College, UK. Shell Global Solutions UK (MTM)

Using the Full Range of Tribology Tools to Cost Effectively Reduce Fuel Economy in Engines – P.M. Lee, South-West Research Institute, USA (MTM)

Impact of High Pressure and Shear Stress on Polymer Thickened Lubricants – F.S. Qureshi, The Lubrizol Corporation, USA (USV)

Influence of Polymer Shear Thinning on Friction in Hydrodynamic Lubricated Contacts – N. Marx, Imperial College, UK. Shell Global Solutions UK (USV)

The use of Solid Nanoparticles as Potential Friction and Wear Reducing Additives in Industrial Gear Lubricants – R. S. Notay, Millers Oils Ltd. UK (MTM, HFRR)