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Tribochemical study of micropitting in tribocorrosive lubricated contacts: The influence of water and relative humidity

Author: Siavash Soltanahmadia, Ardian Morina, Marcel C.P. van Eijk, Ileana Nedelcu, Anne Neville
Published: 1st January, 1970

Experimental observation of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate(ZDDP)-induced iron sulphide formation

Author: Siavash Soltanahmadia, Ardian Morina, Marcel C.P. van Eijk, Ileana Nedelcu, Anne Nevillea
Published: 4th August, 2017

Investigation of the effect of a diamine-based friction modifier on micropitting and the properties of tribofilms in rolling-sliding contact

Author: Siavash Soltanahmadi, Ardian Morina, Marcel C P van Eijk, Ileana Nedelcu and Anne Neville
Published: 11th November, 2016

High-Performance Heterocyclic Friction Modifiers for Boundary Lubrication

Author: Michael Desanker, Xingliang He, Jie LuBlake A. JohnsonZhong LiuMassimiliano DelferroNing RenFrances E. LockwoodAaron GrecoAli ErdemirTobin J. MarksEmail authorQ. Jane WangEmail authorYip-Wah Chung
Published: 1st January, 1970

Lubricating oil composition for internal-combustion engine, and method for reducing friction in gasoline engine

Author: Ikuko NAKAYA, Yoriyuki Takashima
Published: 1st January, 1970

Regression models to predict the behavior of the coefficient of friction of AISI 316L on UHMWPE under ISO 14243-3 conditions

Author: A.L. Garcia-Garcia, M. Alvarez-Vera, L.A. Montoya-Santiyanes, I.Dominguez-Lopez, J.L. Montes-Seguedo, J.C. Sosa-Savedra, J.D.O. Barceinas-Sanchez
Published: 1st January, 1970


Author: Nishant Katyal
Published: 11th June, 2017

Tribocatalytic behaviour of a TiO2 atmospheric plasma spray (APS) coating in the presence of the friction modifier MoDTC: a parametric study

Author: P. Deshpandeab, C. Minfraya, F. Dassenoya, T. Le Mognea, D. Josea, M. Cobiana and B. Thiebautb
Published: 1st January, 1970

Novel AminoBisPhosphonate Antiwear Additives

Author: Marshall BAKER, Guillaume Carpentier
Published: 4th December, 2018

CFD modeling compared to temperature and friction measurements of an EHL line contact

Author: Markus Hartinger, Tom Reddyhoff
Published: 5th December, 2018

Bridging the gap between metalworking fluid bench tests and machining operations

Author: Neil Canter
Published: 1st January, 1970

Lubricant Containing High-Viscosity Metallocene Polyalpha-Olefins

Author: Han, Wenning W. and Calzada, Marco A.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Investigation of pure sliding and sliding/rolling contacts in a DLC/Cast iron system when lubricated in oils containing MoDTC-Type friction modifier

Author: Yasi rAl-Jeboori, Shahriar Kosarieh, Ardian Morina, Anne Neville
Published: 1st January, 1970

Aromatic detergents and lubricating compositions thereof

Author: Kamalakumari KUNCHITHAPATHAM SALEM, David J. Moreton, Mohamed G. Fahmy, Gary M. Walker, James P. Roski, Adam Cox, W. Preston Barnes, Ewan E. Delbridge, Jason E. Melvin, Robert D. DURA
Published: 1st January, 1970

Influence of antiwear and dispersant lubricant additives on soot wear

Author: Artemis Kontou

Method and composition for preventing or reducing engine knock and pre-ignition in high compression spark ignition engines

Author: Zhisheng Gao, Luca Salvi, Eugine Choi, Matthew W. Boland

The tribology of fructose derived biofuels for DISI gasoline engines

Author: K.D. Dearn, H.Moorcroft, E.Sukjit, P.Poapongsakorn, E.Z.Hu, Y.F.Xu, X.G. Hu
Published: 1st January, 1970

Friction Behavior of Polymer Brush Immobilized Surfaces in Good Solvents Read More:

Author: Yuji Higaki, Motoyasu Kobayashi, Atsushi Takahara
Published: 1st January, 1970

Industrial Gear Oils: Tribological Performance and Subsurface Changes

Author: Aduragbemi Adebogun, Robert Hudson, Angela Breakspear, Chris Warrens, Ali Gholinia, Allan Matthews, Philip Withers
Published: 4th October, 2018

Effect of Base Oil Type in Grease Composition on the Lubricating Film Formation in EHD Contacts

Author: Dennis Fischer, Georg Jacobs, Andreas Stratmann and Gero Burghardt
Published: 4th September, 2018

Lubricating oil composition for continuously variable transmission

Author: Hitoshi Komatsubara, Shingo Matsuki, Toshitaka Nakamura, Hiroyuki CHINEN, Yuji Matsui
Published: 1st January, 1970

Tribological method to measure lubricating properties of dairy products

Author: Phuong T.M. Nguyen, Bhesh Bhandari, Sangeeta Prakash
Published: 7th November, 2015

Mouthfeel blends for low and non-caloric beverages

Author: Khushal BRIJWANI, Jung Min Kim, Rajesh Venkata Potineni
Published: 4th May, 2018

Biobased Polyalphaolefin Base Oil: Chemical, Physical, and Tribological Properties

Author: Girma Biresaw
Published: 1st January, 1970

Method for improving engine fuel efficiency

Author: Douglas E. Deckman, Raymond G. Burns, III, Smruti A. Dance
Published: 5th March, 2018

Multiscale Friction in Lubricant-Surface Systems for High-Performance Transmissions Under Mild Wear

Author: E. Humphrey, N. Morris, M. Leighton, R. Rahmani, H. Rahnejat
Published: 1st January, 1970

Shear Thinning and Hydrodynamic Friction of Viscosity Modifier-Containing Oils. Part I: Shear Thinning Behaviour

Author: Nigel Marx, Luis Fernández, Francisco Barceló, Hugh Spikes
Published: 1st January, 1970

Surface Effects on Boundary Friction with Additive-Free Lubricating Films: Coupled Influence of Roughness and Material Properties

Author: Julien Bonaventure, Juliette Cayer-Barrioz, Denis Mazuyer
Published: 6th December, 2018

CFD modeling compared to temperature and friction measurements of an EHL line contact

Author: Markus Hartinger, Tom Reddyhoff
Published: 5th December, 2018

Evaluation of ionic fluids as lubricants in manufacturing

Author: Libardi, A.; Schmid, S. R.; Sen, M.; Schneider, W.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Antagonistic Interaction of Antiwear Additives and Carbon Black

Author: Olomolehin, Yewande; Kapadia, Rita; Spikes, Hugh
Published: 1st January, 2010

On the film thickness behaviour of polymer greases at low and high speeds

Author: Gonçalves, David; Graça, Beatriz; Campos, Armando V.; Seabra, J.; Leckner, Johan; Westbroek, René
Published: 10th August, 2015

In contact observation of model synovial fluid lubricating mechanisms

Author: Myant, Connor; Cann, Philippa
Published: 7th January, 2013

Effect of Base Oil Structure on Elastohydrodynamic Friction

Author: Zhang, Jie; Tan, Andrew; Spikes, Hugh
Published: 1st March, 2017

Through-Thickness Velocity Profile Measurements in an Elastohydrodynamic Contact

Author: Ponjavic, Aleks; Chennaoui, Mourad; Wong, Janet S. S.
Published: 1st May, 2013

High-Viscosity Metallocene Polyalpha-Olefins with High Electrohydrodynamic Performance

Author: Han, Wenning W.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Thermal Degradation of Greases and the Effect on Lubrication Performance

Author: Hurley, S.; Cann, P. M.; Spikes, H. A.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Nanoparticles as novel lubricating additives in a green, physically based lubrication technology for DLC coatings

Author: Kalin, M.; Kogovšek, J.; Remškar, M.
Published: 1st January, 1970

The determination of the pressure–viscosity coefficient of a lubricant through an accurate film thickness formula and accurate film thickness measurements. Part 2: high L values

Author: van Leeuwen, H
Published: 6th February, 2011

The effect of transient conditions on synovial fluid protein aggregation lubrication

Author: Myant, Connor William; Cann, Philippa
Published: 1st June, 2014

The determination of the pressure—viscosity coefficient of a lubricant through an accurate film thickness formula and accurate film thickness measurements

Author: van Leeuwen, H
Published: 8th January, 2009

Lubricity characteristics of seed oils modified by acylation

Author: Harry-O’kuru, Rogers E.; Biresaw, Girma

Friction and lubricant film thickness measurements on simulated synovial fluids

Author: Mavraki, A; Cann, P M
Published: 1st March, 2009

The determination of the pressure-viscosity coefficient of two traction oils using film thickness measurements

Author: van Leeuwen, Harry
Published: 10th September, 2010

Quantitative Viscosity Mapping Using Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements

Author: Dench, J.; Morgan, N.; Wong, J. S. S.
Published: 1st March, 2017

The Development to Control Simultaneously Viscosity and Separation Temperature of a Two Phase Lubricant for Practical Use

Author: Kamata, Kumiko; Kawamura, Yasushi; Maruyama, Ryuji; Nagatomi, Eiji; Tazaki, Hiroyuki
Published: 1st January, 1970

Film-forming properties of castor oil–polyol ester blends in elastohydrodynamic conditions

Author: Bantchev, Grigor B.; Biresaw, Girma
Published: 8th January, 2011

Elastohydrodynamic study of vegetable oil–polyalphaolefin blends

Author: Bantchev, Grigor; Biresaw, Girma
Published: 10th January, 2008

Lubrication and Reflow Properties of Thermally Aged Greases

Author: Hurley, S.; Cann, P. M.; Spikes, H. A.
Published: 1st January, 2000

Impact of Viscosity Modifiers on Gear Oil Efficiency and Durability: Part II

Author: Barton, William; Knapton, Daniel Jason; Baker, Mark; Rose, Andrew; Schiferl, Elizabeth A.; Huston, Michael; Brown, Gareth; Hunt, Gregory
Published: 1st January, 1970

Elastohydrodynamics of farm-based blends comprising amphiphilic oils

Author: Bantchev, Grigor B.; Biresaw, Girma
Published: 1st January, 2013

Effect of chemical structure on film-forming properties of seed oils

Author: Biresaw, G.; Bantchev, G.
Published: 10th January, 2008

Measurement of Sub-Nanometer Lubricant Films Using Ultra-Thin Film Interferometry

Author: Glovnea, R. P.; Forrest, A. K.; Olver, A. V.; Spikes, H. A.
Published: 10th January, 2003

Empirical Investigation of Electricity Self-Generation in a Lubricated Sliding–Rolling Contact

Author: Mihails Ščepanskis, Benjamin Gould, Aaron Greco
Published: 1st January, 1970

Influence of a WC/a-C:H tribological coating on micropitting wear of bearing steel

Author: Mahmoudi, B.; Doll, G. L.; Hager, C. H.; Evans, R. D.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Effects of normal and shear stresses in rolling and mixed mode contact on the micropitting wear of a WC/a-C:H tribological coating

Author: Mahmoudi, B.; Hager, C. H.; Doll, G. L.
Published: 12th December, 2015

Propagation of surface initiated rolling contact fatigue cracks in bearing Steel

Author: Rycerz, P.; Olver, A.; Kadiric, A.
Published: 5th December, 2016

Experimental observation of zinc dialkyl dithiophosphate (ZDDP)-induced iron sulphide formation

Author: Soltanahmadi, Siavash; Morina, Ardian; van Eijk, Marcel C. P.; Nedelcu, Ileana; Neville, Anne
Published: 1st January, 1970

The effect of contact pressure and surface texture on running-in behavior of case carburized steel under boundary lubrication

Author: Wagner, Jeremy J.; Jenson, Alexander D.; Sundararajan, Sriram
Published: 1st January, 1970

Analysis of the effect of different types of additives added to a low viscosity polyalphaolefin base on micropitting

Author: de la Guerra Ochoa, E.; Otero, J. Echávarri; Chacón Tanarro, E.; Munoz-Guijosa, J. M.; del Río López, B.; Cordero, Cristina Alén
Published: 1st January, 1970

The Formation of Tribofilms of MoS2 Nanotubes on Steel and DLC-Coated Surfaces

Author: Kalin, M.; Kogovšek, J.; Kovač, J.; Remškar, M.
Published: 9th January, 2014

Boosting the Friction Performance of Amine Friction Modifiers with MoDTC

Author: Lundgren, Sarah M.; Eriksson, Katja; Rossenaar, Brenda
Published: 5th June, 2015

Relating rheology and tribology of commercial dairy colloids to sensory perception

Author: Laguna, Laura; Farrell, Grace; Bryant, Michael; Morina, Ardian; Sarkar, Anwesha
Published: 1st January, 1970

Grease lubrication of rolling element bearings — role of the grease thickener

Author: Cann, P. M.
Published: 7th January, 2007

Tribological properties of additives for water-based lubricants

Author: Tomala, A.; Karpinska, A.; Werner, W. S. M.; Olver, A.; Störi, H.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Nanotribology, standard friction, and bulk rheology properties compared for a Brij microemulsion

Author: Graca, M.; Bongaerts, J. H. H.; Stokes, J. R.; Granick, S.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Influence of gasoline engine lubricant on tribological performance, fuel economy and emissions

Author: Lee, P. M.; Priest, M.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Novel Test Methods to Optimize Fuel Economy in Passenger Cars Using Organic Friction Modifiers

Author: Scanlon, Eugene; Seibel, Shaun R.; Hayden, Thomas E.; Bacchi, Robert J.; Holmes, Jason A.
Published: 8th September, 2016

Study of Zinc Dialkydithiophosphate Antiwear Film Formation and Removal Processes, Part I: Experimental

Published: 1st October, 2017

Impact of Viscosity Modifiers on Gear Oil Efficiency and Durability

Author: Barton, William R. S.; Payne, James; Baker, Mark; O'Connor, Brian; Qureshi, Farrukh; Huston, Michael; Knapton, Daniel
Published: 1st January, 1970

Tribological Bench and Engine Dynamometer Tests of a Low Viscosity SAE 0W-16 Engine Oil Using a Combination of Ionic Liquid and ZDDP as Anti-Wear Additives

Author: Barnhill, William C.; Gao, Hong; Kheireddin, Bassem; Papke, Brian L.; Luo, Huimin; West, Brian H.; Qu, Jun
Published: 1st January, 1970

Expanding the Development of More Durable Friction Modifiers with Sustained Friction-Reduction: Extended Tribological Studies and Oil-Aging

Author: DeBlase, Frank; Corbo, Faith; Migdal, Cyril
Published: 1st January, 1970

The formation of zinc dithiophosphate antiwear films

Author: Fujita, H; Spikes, H. A.
Published: 4th January, 2004

The influence of hydrocolloid hydrodynamics on lubrication

Author: Garrec, D. A.; Norton, I. T.

The impact of organic friction modifiers on engine oil tribofilms

Author: Ratoi, Monica; Niste, Vlad Bogdan; Alghawel, Husam; Suen, Yat Fan; Nelson, Kenneth
Published: 1st January, 1970

A Micro-IRRAS Study of Lubricant Degradation Under Thin Film Conditions

Author: Cann, P. M.; Spikes, H. A.
Published: 10th August, 2006

Application of an Organic Molybdenum Anti-Friction Additives in API SM Gasoline Engine Oil

Author: Zhang, Fengyuan; Qiu, Jianwei; Jin, Zhiliang; Zhang, Dahua; Yang, Li; Xie, Jingchun; Xu, Xiaohong
Published: 1st January, 1970


Author: Omasta, Milan; Fryza, Josef; Krupka, Ivan; Hartl, Martin
Published: 2nd September, 2013

PCMO Lubricant Friction Modifier Performance Durability-Extended Tribology Studies

Author: Fundamentals IV, Lubrication; Additives, Lubricant; DeBlase, Frank J.; Migdal, Cyril A.; Corbo, Faith
Published: 1st January, 1970

Fundamental Investigations of the Tribological Properties of Biological Interfaces

Author: Spencer, Nicholas
Published: 1st January, 1970

Effect of Fluid Flow through Clutch Material on Torque Fluctuations in Clutches

Author: Devlin, Mark; Williams, Darryl; Glasgow, Michael; Hux, Karen; Whitworth, Aaron; Cameron, Timothy
Published: 1st January, 1970

Contribution of Oil Traction to Diesel Engine Cam Galling

Author: Saini, Mandeep; Lockwood, Frances E.; Wang, Jerry C.; Musolff, Carl F.
Published: 1st January, 1970

Tribological Film Formation on Hydrogenated DLC/Steel Contacts From Fully Formulated Automotive Lubricants

Author: Papke, B. L.; Parthasarathy, P. P.
Published: 1st January, 2009

Tribological investigations of the piston assembly and liner of a gasoline engine

Author: P.M. Lee
Published: 1st October, 2008

Frictional Properties of PVA Hydrogel

Author: Nečas, D.; Vrbka, M.; Yarimitsu, S.; Nakashima, K.; Sawae, Y.; Šperka, P.; Křupka, I.; Hartl, M.

New Bench Test to Study Mild Lubricated Wear

Author: Fan, J. Y.; Spikes, Hugh A.

Mini-Traction-Machine Tests to Assess the Effect of Base Oil and Additive Interactions on Surface Charge and Friction

Author: Booth, J. E.; Nelson, K. D.; Harvey, T. J.; Wood, R. J. K.; Martinez, J. G.; Powrie, H. E. G.

Tribological studies of potential vegetable oil-based lubricants containing environmentally friendly viscosity modifiers

Author: Quinchia, L. A.; Delgado, M. A.; Reddyhoff, T.; Gallegos, C.; Spikes, H. A.

A new scuffing test using contra-rotation

Author: Ingram, Marc; Hamer, Clive; Spikes, Hugh

Numerical Solution of Hydrodynamics Lubrications with Non‐Newtonian Fluid Flow

Author: Osman, Kahar; Sheriff, Jamaluddin Md; Bahak, Mohd. Zubil; Bahari, Adli; Asral; Wahid, M. A.; Samion, S.; Sidik, N. a. C.; Sheriff, J. M.

Nanoparticle-doped lubricants : Potential of Inorganic Fullerene-like (IF-) molybdenum disulfide for automotive applications

Author: Rabaso, Pierre

Frictional Properties of Molybdenum-Based Lubricating Oil Additives Using Green Chemistry

Author: Bhalla, Gaurav; Tsang, Man Hon; Gao, David; Chen, Qunlai; Ruhe, William; Ushioda, Nobuo

Influence of ionic strength on the tribological properties of pre-adsorbed salivary films

Author: Macakova, Lubica; Yakubov, Gleb E.; Plunkett, Mark A.; Stokes, Jason R.

Lubrication Properties of Protein Aggregate Dispersions in a Soft Contact

Author: Chojnicka, Agnieszka; de Jong, Saskia; de Kruif, Cornelus G.; Visschers, Ronald W.

Non-varnishing and tribological characteristics of polyalkylene glycol-based synthetic turbine fluid

Author: Khemchandani, Govind

Elastohydrodynamic Models for Predicting Friction in Point Contacts Lubricated with Polyalphaolefins

Author: Otero, J. Echávarri; Morgado, P. Lafont; Sánchez-Peñuela, J. B.; Sanz, J. L. Muñoz; Munoz-Guijosa, J. M.; Lantada, A. Díaz; Yustos, H. Lorenzo

Investigation of the Thermostability of Bovine Submaxillary Mucin (BSM) and its Impact on Lubrication

Author: Madsen, Jan Busk; Pakkanen, Kirsi I.; Lee, Seunghwan

A Study of Antiwear Additive Film Build Up Using the MTM (Mini-Traction Machine)

Author: Smeeth, Matthew; Hamer, Clive; Spikes, Hugh A.

Tribological Properties of Neutral Polysaccharide Solutions under Simulated Oral Conditions

Author: Zinoviadou, K.g.; Janssen, A.m.; De Jongh, H.h.j.

Fluid gel lubrication as a function of solvent quality

Author: Mills, Tom; Koay, Adeline; Norton, Ian T.

Tribological properties of diamond-like carbon coatings in lubricated automotive applications

Author: Renondeau, H; Papke, B L; Pozebanchukz, M; Parthasarathy, P P

Experimental investigations on the contact fatigue life under starved conditions

Author: Querlioz, E.; Ville, F.; Lenon, H.; Lubrecht, T.

Tribology and energy efficiency: from molecules to lubricated contacts to complete machines

Author: Taylor, Robert Ian

Modification to the lubrication properties of xanthan gum fluid gels as a result of sunflower oil and triglyceride stabilised water in oil emulsion addition

Author: Hamilton, I. E.; Norton, I. T.

WS2 nanoparticles – potential replacement for ZDDP and friction modifier additives

Author: Ratoi, M.; Niste, V. B.; Zekonyte, J.

Tribological Properties of Sulphur-Free Antiwear Additives Zinc Dialkylphosphates (ZDPs)

Author: Hoshino, Koji; Yagishita, Kazuhiro; Tagawa, Kazuo; Spikes, Hugh

Lubricant film formation properties of alkyl imidazolium tetrafluoroborate and hexafluorophosphate ionic liquids

Author: Arora, H.; Cann, P. M.

Effect of Friction Material on the Relative Contribution of Thin-Film Friction to Overall Friction in Clutches

Author: Devlin, Mark T.; Tersigni, Samuel H.; Senn, Jeremy; Turner, Tu Lai; Jao, Tze-Chi; Yatsunami, Kenji

Models for predicting friction coefficient and parameters with influence in elastohydrodynamic lubrication

Author: Morgado, P Lafont; Otero, J Echávarri; Lejarraga, J B Sánchez-Peñuela; Sanz, J L Muñoz; Lantada, A Díaz; Munoz-Guijosa, J M; Yustos, H Lorenzo; Wiña, P Leal; García, J Muñoz

Tribological Study of Suspensions of Cysteine-Rich Protein Stabilized Microbubbles and Subsequent Triphasic a/O/W Emulsions

Author: Tchuenbou-Magaia, Fideline L.; Cox, Philip W.

The Influence of Surface Roughness on the Lubrication Properties of Adsorbing and Non-Adsorbing Biopolymers

Author: Cassin, G.; Heinrich, E.; Spikes, H. A.

Rheology and tribological properties of Ca-alginate fluid gels produced by diffusion-controlled method

Author: Fernández Farrés, I.; Douaire, M.; Norton, I. T.

The Influence of Anchoring-Group Structure on the Lubricating Properties of Brush-Forming Graft Copolymers in an Aqueous Medium

Author: Hartung, Whitney; Drobek, Tanja; Lee, Seunghwan; Zürcher, Stefan; Spencer, Nicholas D.

Sensory perception and lubrication properties of milk: Influence of fat content

Author: Chojnicka-Paszun, A.; de Jongh, H. H. J.; de Kruif, C. G.

Oral behaviour of food hydrocolloids and emulsions. Part 1. Lubrication and deposition considerations

Author: Malone, M. E; Appelqvist, I. A. M; Norton, I. T

Influence of load and elastic properties on the rolling and sliding friction of lubricated compliant contacts

Author: Myant, C.; Spikes, H. A.; Stokes, J. R.

Soot Wear in Diesel Engines

Author: Yamaguchi, E. S.; Untermann, M; Roby, S. H.; Ryason, P. R.; Yeh, S. W.

Soft-tribology: Lubrication in a compliant PDMS–PDMS contact

Author: Bongaerts, J. H. H.; Fourtouni, K.; Stokes, J. R.

The influence of soot and dispersant on ZDDP film thickness and friction

Author: Ratoi, M.; Castle, R. C.; Bovington, C. H.; Spikes, H. A.

Boundary Lubrication of Oxide Surfaces by Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol) (PLL-g-PEG) in Aqueous Media

Author: Lee, Seunghwan; Müller, Markus; Ratoi-Salagean, Monica; Vörös, Janos; Pasche, Stéphanie; Paul, Susan M. De; Spikes, Hugh A.; Textor, Marcus; Spencer, Nicholas D.

The Influence of Molecular Architecture on the Macroscopic Lubrication Properties of the Brush-Like Co-polyelectrolyte Poly(L-lysine)-g-poly(ethylene glycol) (PLL-g-PEG) Adsorbed on Oxide Surfaces

Author: Müller, Markus; Lee, Seunghwan; Spikes, Hugh A.; Spencer, Nicholas D.

Macrotribological Studies of Poly(L-lysine)-graft-Poly(ethylene glycol) in Aqueous Glycerol Mixtures

Author: Nalam, Prathima C.; Clasohm, Jarred N.; Mashaghi, Alireza; Spencer, Nicholas D.

Influence of sanding parameters on adhesion recovery in contaminated wheel–rail contact

Author: Milan Omasta, Martin Machatka, David Smejkal, Martin Hartl, Ivan Křupka
Published: 1st January, 1970

Astringency of tea catechins: More than an oral lubrication tactile percept

Author: D. Rossetti, J.H.H. Bongaerts,E. Wantling, J.R. Stokes, A.-M. Williamson
Published: 3rd January, 2009

Behaviour of lubricants in the mixed elastohydrodynamic regime

Author: G. Guangteng, H.A. Spikes

Behaviour of colloidally-dispersed solid particles in very thin film lubricated contacts

Author: F. Chiñas-Castillo, H.A. Spikesb

An Investigation into the Orientation of lubricant Molecules in EHD contacts

Author: PM Cann, M Aderin, GJ Johnston and H.A Spikes

An Experimental Study of Film Thickness in the Mixed Lubrication Regime

Author: G. Guangteng, H.A. Spikes
Published: 1st January, 1970

Film-Forming Additives – Direct and Indirect Ways to Reduce Friction

Author: H.A Spikes
Published: 1st January, 1970

A study of parched lubrication

Author: G. Guangteng, P.M. Cann, H.A. Spikes
Published: 3rd December, 1992

The effect of a ZnDTP anti-wear additive on the micropitting resistance of carburised steel rollers

Author: C Benyajati and A V Olver

Improved Processing of High Alloy Steels for Wear Components in Energy Generation Systems, Transportation and Manufacturing Systems

Author: William H. Peter, Alan L. Liby, Wei Chen, Yukinori Yamamoto, Peter J. Blau
Published: 1st January, 1970

Experience with a Disc Rig Micropitting Test

Author: Dr. Miles G. Talks, QinetiQ, Ltd., and W. Bennett, Defence Equipment and Support MoD

Effect of lubricants on micropitting and wear

Author: E. Laine, A.V. Olver, T.A. Beveridge
Published: 1st January, 1970

Understanding Diesel Lubricity

Author: R H Barbour, D J Rickeard and N G Elliott
Published: 1st January, 1970

The Influence of Engine Oils on Friction Reduction

Author: C H Bovington

Study on the lubrication properties of biodiesel as fuel lubricity enhancers

Author: Jianbo Hu*, Zexue Du, Changxiu Li, Enze Min
Published: 9th July, 2004

Improving the Precision of the HFRR Lubricity Test

Author: Manuch Nikanjam, Jim Rutherford
Published: 1st January, 1970

Fuel Lubricity Reviewed

Author: P.I Lacey, S.A Howell
Published: 1st January, 1970

Evaluation of the Wear Mechanisms Present in the HFRR Fuel Lubricity Test

Author: P.I. Lacey and B.D Shaver

Development of a Laboratory Test to Predict Lubricity Properties of Diesel Fuels and Its Application to the Development of Highly Refined Diesel Fuels

Author: C. Bovington, R. Caprotti, K. Meyer, H. A. Spikes

Development and Verification of the HFRR test for automotive diesel fuels

Author: J.N Davenport

Biodiesel as a lubricity additive for ultra low sulfur diesel

Author: Subongkoj Topaiboul1 and Nuwong Chollacoop
Published: 1st January, 1970

Biodiesel Lubricity

Author: Leon Schumacher

Antiwear Performance of Low Phosphorus Engine Oils on Tappet Inserts in Motored Sliding Valvetrain Test

Author: Hong Gao, J. Scott McQueen, E. Dewayne Black, Kay K. Bjornen, Arup K. Gangopadhyay, Ronald K. Jensen, Edward A. Soltis
Published: 1st January, 1970

Applications of tribology in studying food oral processing and texture perception

Author: Sangeeta Prakasha, Daniel Dan Yi Tana, Jianshe Chenb
Published: 10th July, 2013

The Lubrication Properties of Gasoline Fuels

Author: D.P Wei, S Korcek, H.A Spikes

Comparison of the Lubricity of Gasoline and Diesel Fuels

Author: Wei Dan Ping, Stefan Korcek, Hugh Spikes

The Lubricity of Gasoline

Author: D.P Wei and H.A Spikes

Oral tribology: bridging the gap between physical measurements and sensory experience

Author: Clementine Pradal and Jason R Stokes

Friction measurements with yoghurt in a simulated tongue-palate contact

Author: S. Tsui, J. Tandy , C.Myant, M.Masen, P.M. Cann
Published: 1st January, 1970


Author: Clive Hamer
Published: 1st January, 1970

Insights into the dynamics of oral lubrication and mouthfeel using soft tribology: Differentiating semi-fluid foods with similar rheology

Author: Nichola Selway, Jason R. Stokes
Published: 7th November, 2013

Tribology of swollen starch granule suspensions from maize and potato

Author: Bin Zhanga, Nichola Selway, Kinnari J. Shelat, Sushil Dhital, Jason R. Stokes,Michael J. Gidley
Published: 1st January, 1970

Aqueous lubrication by fractionated salivary proteins: Synergistic interaction of mucin polymer brush with low molecular weight macromolecules

Author: Gleb E. Yakubov, Lubica Macakova, Stephen Wilson, John H.C. Windust, Jason R. Stokes
Published: 1st January, 1970

The influence of co-solutes on tribology of agar fluid gels

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