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Effect of Surface Texturing of UHMWPE on the Coefficient of Friction Under Arthrokinematic and Loading Conditions Corresponding to the Walking Cycle

Wearing of UHMWPE components used in several joint prosthesis has been approached from many perspectives; for instance, developing composites to improve upon the mechanical resistance of the bearing material, treating the surface with plasma, and texturing the surface to improve its wettability. This work reports the experimental behavior of the UHMWPE/AISI 316L tribopair, lubricated with distilled water, operating under the arthrokinematics, and loading conditions prescribed by ISO 14243-3. The UHMWPE surface was micro-textured to determine the tribological effect. Contrary to our expectations, the experiments rendered values of coefficient of friction higher than for the smooth surface throughout the walking cycle. A regression model obtained from the experimental data showed that the coefficient of friction has an inverse relation to the load, and direct with the entrainment and sliding-to-rolling ratio.