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Graphene as an Aqueous Lubricant

The possible use of graphene and its derivatives dissolved in water as a green lubricant is an interesting avenue of research from tribological perspective. In this study, a highly concentrated stock solution of aqueous Graphene employing Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) as surfactant was diluted using proportionate volumes of De-Ionized (D.I.) water to generate target concentrations of Graphene in solution ranging from 15 µg/ml to 350 µg/ml . These samples were then tested for both sliding and rolling contacts. The sliding contact tests included the use of both 4-ball Tribometer test rig and triborheometer. The rolling contact tests were performed on Mini Traction Machine. The tested graphene-PEG-water admixtures held significant friction and wear advantage over D.I. Water and surfactant solutions under the same testing conditions.