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Impact of Viscosity Modifiers on Gear Oil Efficiency and Durability

This paper is part one of a longer term comparison of viscosity modifier behavior in modern automotive gear oil (AGO) fluids and the impact of these properties on fluid efficiency and durability. This first installment will compare the rheological properties, including EHD film thickness and traction coefficients, of the fluids across broad operating temperature, shear and load regimes and correlate these findings with rig efficiency testing.The effects of traction, EHD film thickness and high shear rheology on operating temperature are well documented and it is of particular interest to determine the extent to which different viscosity modifiers can beneficially impact these properties compared to a Brightstock-based SAE 80W90 grade fluid. The efficiency improvements of a VM would be for naught if it were not sufficiently shear stable and so comparisons are made between shear stable VM technologies.The final discussion introduces new tapered roller bearing shear test conditions that correlate more closely to fluid shear in the field than the current 20 h tapered roller bearing shear test, CEC L-45-A-99.