Category: MTM

In Situ Observation of Phosperous and Non-phospherous Antiwear Films using a Mini Traction Machine with Spacer Layer Image Mapping

Since 1940s the principal source of an antiwear additive in crankcase applications has been due to a family of additives known as zincdialkyithiophosphate (ZDDP). In this study, we have applied a novel technique, the mini traction with spacer layer image mapping (MTM SLIM) to study film formation characteristics of monoblend oils containing only basestock and ZDDP and also fully formulated oils containing a boron antiwear additive. The purpose of this study was initially to understand the build up of ZDDP film and then to establish whether boron compounds alone could you provide significant antiwear films under mixed rolling and sliding contact.

Keywords: Zinc dialkydithiophosphate, Mini traction machine with spacer layer image mapping