Category: MTM

Influence of Temperature on the Frictional Properties of Water-Lubricated Surfaces

The influence of temperature on the lubricating properties of neat water for tribopairs with varying bulk elasticity moduli and surface hydrophilicity, namely hard-hydrophobic interface (hHB), hard-hydrophilic interface (hHL), soft-hydrophobic interface (sHB), and soft-hydrophilic interface (sHL), has been investigated. With increasing temperature, the coefficients of friction generally increased due to the decreasing viscosity of water. This change was more clearly manifested from soft interfaces for more feasible formation of lubricating films. Nevertheless, dominant lubrication mechanism appears to be boundary and mixed lubrication even for soft interfaces at all speeds (up to 1200 mm/s) and temperatures (1 to 90 °C) investigated. The results from this study are expected to provide a reference to explore the temperature-dependent tribological behavior of more complex aqueous lubricants, e.g., those involving various additives, for a variety of tribosystems.

Keywords: Aqueous lubrication, Temperature, Soft, Hard, Hydrophilic, Hydrophobic