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Investigations on the Scuffing and Wear Characteristic Performance of an Oil Free Water-Based Lubricant for Gear Applications

In most gear drive applications mineral or synthetic oils are used as lubricants, which are made of fossil raw materials and are non-biodegradable. In applications located in critical environmental areas such as boats or harbors, eco-friendly lubricants are needed. As a result, a gear transmission fluid based on water is currently being developed in a research project supported by the Bayrische Forschungsstiftung (Bavarian Research Foundation). Results of former research showed that in general it is possible to use water-based lubricants in gear drives under certain operating conditions. Since water has a low viscosity compared to conventional used lubricants, plant extracts are added to generate higher viscosities. In order to avoid tribological influenced damages such as sliding wear and scuffing on the surface of gear flanks, adequate additives are needed. Different combinations of plant extracts and additives were investigated using the scuffing test A/8.3/RT according to DIN ISO 14635-1. The results show a surprisingly high load carrying capacity regarding scuffing. Additionally, two wear tests based on DGMK 377-01 were conducted with one sample fluid. A high risk of sliding wear was detected. Additionally, MTM and SRV measurements were conducted with different polymers to optimize the lubricant. The results of the wear tests help to define operating conditions for a future lubricant based on water and plant extracts. This paper aims to share the results of the performed experimental investigations and discusses the challenges regarding the development of such new lubricants.