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Low Viscosity Low Volatility Lubricating Oil Base Stocks and Methods of use Thereof

A composition including one or more diester compounds represented by the formula as defined herein. The composition has a viscosity (KV100) from about 1cSt to about 10cSt at 100°C as determined by ASTM D445, a viscosity index (VI) from about -100 to about 300 as determined by ASTM D2270, and a Noack volatility of no greater than 50 percent as determined by ASTM D5800. A process for producing the composition, a lubricating oil base stock and lubricating oil containing the composition, and a method for improving one or more of thermal and oxidative stability, solubility and dispersancy of polar additives, deposit control and traction control in a lubricating oil by using as the lubricating oil a formulated oil containing the composition.