Category: EHD

Lubricant Containing High-Viscosity Metallocene Polyalpha-Olefins

A lubricant composition comprising a high-viscosity PAO lubricant base stock having a KV100 of at least 200 cSt and comprising multiple PAO molecules comprising at least 200 carbon atoms per molecule, wherein (i) each of the PAO molecules comprises multiple pendant groups; (i) the average pendant group length of all the pendant groups excluding one methyl on each of the PAO molecules among at least 90 mol % of all of the PAO molecules, if one or more methyl is present, is at least 6.0, and (iii) the concentration of the high-viscosity PAO base stock is no more than 75 wt % of the total weight of the lubricant composition. The lubricant composition exhibits provides a high degree of protection of gear surfaces as measured by ASTM D5182.