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Lubricating Engine Oil Compositions Containing Detergent Compounds

The present disclosure generally relates to a lubricating oil composition comprising an oil of lubricating viscosity, and an alkylhydroxybenzoate detergent compound.

Neutral and Overbased detergents are well described to provide lubricating properties. Often such detergent additives are proportioned with other lubricating additives to provide lubricating oil compositions that exhibit certain desired lubricating properties. Metal-containing detergents function both as detergents to control deposits, and as acid neutralizers or rust inhibitors, thereby reducing wear and corrosion and extending engine life. Detergents are utilized in lubricants for these benefits, but there are drawbacks to their use as well. Detergents are known to be detrimental to friction performance. Increased friction is associated with decreased fuel economy so this can be a drawback as fuel economy improvement is important for environmental and cost saving reasons.

A major challenge in engine oil formulation is developing lubricating oil compositions which simultaneously achieve wear control and inhibits corrosion, while also achieving improved fuel economy. Surprisingly, it has been found that lubricants formulated with alkylhydroxybenzoate detergents derived from isomerized normal alpha olefins show improvements in oxidation reduction, corrosion inhibition and friction performance.