Category: HFRR

Lubricating Oil Compositions with Engine Wear Protection

A method for improving wear control of a steel surface lubricated with a lubricating oil through the generation of fast-forming tribofilms. The method includes: (i) using as the lubricating oil a formulated oil, the formulated oil having a composition comprising at least one lubricating oil base stock as a major component, and at least one detergent, as a minor component; and (ii) forming a tribofilm on the steel surface. The time for the tribofilm to reach 95% of its saturation coverage (t95.sat) on the steel surface is less than about 50 minutes, as determined by a high frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR) in accordance with a modified version of ASTM D6079. A lubricating oil including an ester base stock , an alkylated naphthalene base stock, or mixtures thereof, as a major component; and at least one detergent including an alkaline earth metal salicylate, an alkaline earth metal sulfonate, or mixtures thereof, as a minor component.