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Lubricating Oil Magnesium Detergents and Method of Making and using Same

Disclosed is a magnesium alkylhydroxybenzoate detergent and a lubricating oil composition comprising said detergent.

Engine oil is blended with various additives in order to satisfy various performance requirements. Additives that are able to bring multiple performance benefits while at the same time minimizing their debits are of utmost importance when formulating lubricants. For example, developing a detergent additive that has the ability to improve base number (BN) retention, reduce deposit formation, control oxidation, as well as tuning the frictional characteristics may negate or limit the need for additional additives that provide only these single performance benefits.

A major challenge in engine oil formulation is developing lubricating oil compositions which simultaneously achieve benefits as those described above. Surprisingly, it has been found that lubricants formulated with magnesium alkylhydroxybenzoate detergents derived from isomerized normal alpha olefins show improvements in oxidation reduction, control deposits, BN retention, and friction performance.