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Passenger Car Lubricating Oil Compositions for Fuel Economy

The present disclosure generally relates to an internal com bustion engine lubricating oil composition comprising: (a) a major amount of a base oil of lubricating viscosity; (b) a nitrogen – containing dispersant; (c) an alkaline earth metal containing detergent; (d) a compound comprising the reaction product of: (i) a nitrogen – containing reactant, wherein the nitrogen-containing reactant comprises an alkyl alkano lamide, an alkyl alkoxylated alkanolamide, an alkyl alkanolamine, an alkyl alkoxylated alkanolamine or mixtures thereof, (ii) a source of boron, and (iii) a hydrocarbyl polyol, having at least three hydroxyl groups. Also provided is a method for improving fresh oil or used oil fuel economy in an internal combustion engine comprising lubricating said engine with said lubricating oil composition.