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Tribological Properties of Sulphur-Free Antiwear Additives Zinc Dialkylphosphates (ZDPs)

The film-forming, friction, and antiwear properties of zinc dialkylphosphates (ZDPs) were investigated and compared with the corresponding zinc dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDPs). The primary ZDPs generally show similar friction and antiwear performance to the primary ZDDPs, although some differences are seen between them in film-forming properties. For the secondary ZDP and ZDDP, there are some clear differences in their tribological properties. This indicates that the properties of the primary ZDPs and ZDDPs may be controlled predominantly by adsorbed films consisting the intact additives and/or their decomposition compounds, and that the properties of the secondary ones may be controlled by glassy reaction films consisting zinc/iron polyphosphates.