PCS and Imperial College Open Day, April 2014

On April 2nd 2014, PCS and Imperial College held an inaugural ‘Tribology and Lubricant Testing Workshop‘ in the Mechanical Engineering Building at Imperial College, London.

Over 20 experts from a range of industries including pharmaceutical, aerospace and automotive attended a 1 day open day at Imperial College hosted by The Tribology Department at Imperial College and PCS Instruments.

The following presentations were given by academics from Imperial College and from PCS Instruments:

“Influence of Lubricant Properties on ARKL Temperature Rise and Transmission Efficiency”, Professor Hugh Spikes, Imperial College

“Research in Biotribology: chews, hips and leaves”, Dr Philippa Cann, Imperial College

“Damage in Rolling-Sliding Contacts”, Dr Amir Kadiric, Imperial College

“Thermal, Fluorescence and Electron Emission Experiments”, Dr Tom Reddyhoff, Imperial College

“Developing Tribology Test Instruments”, Dr Rich Baker, PCS Instruments

Delegates then saw a range of tests in action, using PCS Instruments’ equipment at Imperial College to measure elastohydrodynamic film thickness, traction, boundary film formation, ultra high shear viscosity, fuel lubricity and micropitting.

Advanced tribological measurements such as fluorescence and infrared thermography were also discussed and demonstrated.