ABS Humidity Verification Kit

Part code: ABSHCAL
  • Description

The humidity verification kit is used to check if the humidity probe is measuring the correct relative humidity.

The kit comprises of:

  • Humidity probe test chamber
  • 35%RH capsule (pack of 5)
  • 80%RH capsule (pack of 5)

The supplied test chamber is a small airtight container that will accept the PCS humidity probe. The probe fits inside the chamber and is sealed tight. There is a receptacle at the bottom of the chamber to hold the humidity standard.

The humidity standards are supplied in boxes of five sealed glass capsules of the same value. Each capsule is marked with the %rh value and a serial number for identification. The supplied standards are 35 %rh and 80 %rh. Also supplied with the capsules are five porous discs to absorb the solution inside the capsule. The humidity standards have an accuracy of ±1%rh. Each set comes with a certificate that guarantees the traceability and accuracy of the humidity standard applied.