HFRR Gasoline Conversion Kit

Part code: PCS-002796

The Gasoline Conversion Kit has been developed to allow for safer and more repeatable lubricity testing of gasolines. The high volatility of gasoline means that even at room temperature a significant fraction of the gasoline will evaporate from an open specimen holder, changing additive concentration in the remainder and posing an explosion hazard. Recent developments in gasoline technology have led to an interest in using the HFRR for gasoline lubricity assessment. Because of the high volatility of gasoline, special precautions must be taken to prevent excessive evaporation during the test. Research at Tribology Laboratory at Imperial College, London has also shown that an increase in sample volume improves repeatability with gasolines.

Gasoline Test Setup

The gasoline lower test specimen holder (the gasoline bath) has been designed to hold up to 15ml of test fuel. To accommodate the increase in the size of the gasoline bath, the HFRR electromagnetic oscillator has been raised by inserting two blocks under the oscillator supports. The upper specimen holder has been redesigned to accommodate a two-piece PTFE sliding seal which reduces evaporation to a minimum. The larger outer ring clips securely around the outside of the gasoline bath. The upper specimen holder is inserted through the hole in the smaller inner part of the seal which forms the upper part of the sliding seal.

Standard Test Setup

With the use of the aluminium heater block extension, normal HFRR diesel lubricity testing can continue using the standard specimen holders after a quick calibration.

Items Supplied

The items that are included in the gasoline conversion kit are:

  • Gasoline upper and lower specimen holders
  • Gasoline PTFE seal set
  • Heater extension block
  • Test head extension blocks
  • Gasoline screw set
  • Mechanical unit counterweight
  • Replacement mechanical unit gasoline cover
  • Manual and Installation tools