HFRR Tool Set

Part code: PCS-002827
  • Technical Specs
  • Description
Tweezers x 1 Used to handle components and specimens after cleaning
Hex Driver x 1 Used to secure the lower and upper specimen holders to the instrument
Hex/Allen Key x 2 Used to secure the upper specimen (ball) and lower specimen (disc)

Each system is supplied with this tool kit. The tool set includes items specific to the HFRR system; a hex driver, two hex keys and tweezers.

The hex driver is used to tighten the three black cap head screws while the two hex keys are used to secure the lower and upper specimens. The tweezers are to hold the upper (ball) and lower (disc) specimens and the two stainless steel button head screws.

The following items are available to purchase separately if required;

Tweezers (Part code: HFRTWEE)

Pack of 2 Hex keys to secure the grub screw on the upper specimen holder (Part code: HFRAK1.5)

Pack of 2 Hex keys to secure the two button head screws on the lower specimen holder (Part code: HFRAK2)