MTM Calibration Kit

Part code: PCS-003272

The MTM is calibrated before shipping and it is recommended that before testing is started that the unit is calibrated after installation. It is very important that the calibration procedure is adhered to and executed carefully as the accuracy of results will be determined by calibration constants.

The calibration equipment supplied with the MTM can be seen below. Not all of the calibration routines are required to be completed at the same time but it is recommended to completely re-calibrate after moving the machine.

  • RTD Calibration Plugs
  • Traction Drum
  • Traction Calibration Weight
  • Load Weight
  • Load Calibration Ball
  • Load and Traction Calibration Bar
  • Wear Calibration Plate
  • Calibration Assembly Tools

Parts can be sold separately. Contact PCS for further information.