MTM Specimens

Part code: PCS-003005
  • Description

The traction is generated between an upper specimen (ball or barrel) in contact against a rotating disc. The upper specimen can be either rotating or stationary.

MTM Traction Disc

This is a disposable, highly polished steel disc and during the test the ball is loaded onto its upper polished surface. It is attached to the vertical driveshaft in the lubricant pot.

Test Ball

This is a super finished AISI 52100 (535A99) test ball. The highly polished surface finish of the ball plays an important role in the repeatability of test results and in reducing disc wear during each test. Each ball should be used only once. The balls are supplied with a drilled hole to allow them to be attached to the ball drive stub shaft for the traction measurements. The test ball can be interchanged with alternative upper specimens.

Below is a list of materials we have previously supplied. Please contact PCS for further information.

Product mm / inch
AISI 316C Grade 100  3/4
AISI 440 C  EXTRA POLISH Non Standard  3/4
AISI 440C Stainless  3/4
Aluminium  3/4
Aluminium Oxide  3/4
Aluminium Oxide AL203  Flat sided  1/2
Brass  3/4
Chrome 10EP  3/4
Chrome Coated  3/4
Chrome Grade 100  3/4
D6 Tool Steel Grade 50  3/4
Dymon Coated DLC  3/4
Flat side MTM ball  1/2
Gold Sputter Coating  3/4
Graphite IC DLC Chromium Doped  3/4
M2  3/4
M2 EXTRA POLISH Non standard  3/4
M2 Steel  Nitride  3/4
M2 Steel Grade 50  3/4
M50  3/4
Molybdenum Disulfide Mo Coated  3/4
MTM Pins
Ni coated  3/4
Silicon Nitride  3/4
Stellite 21 Grade 100  3/4
Titanium  3/4
Tungsten Carbide WC Grade 10  1/2
Glass 19.05mm  3/4
PDMS 30 DURO  3/4
PDMS 50 DURO  3/4
PDMS Orange  3/4
Peek  3/4
PTFE  3/4
Rubber  3/4
Bronze Grade 300  3/4
M2  Dymonic DLC coated  3/4
16MNCR5 Extra Polish Non Standard  3/4
Tungsten Carbide WC  3/4
16MNCR5  3/4
16MNCR5 Grade 50  3/4


200Hv NO heat treatment o/n/ 16650
52100 650Hv
Soft Specimens Disc Cutter
AISI 8620 650 HV
500 Hv  Heat treated
EN31 400HV
EN31 550 HV
EN31 Non hardened
Silicon Polish
No Heat Treatment o/n 22114
16MNCR5 Polished
16MNCR5  0.15  Rough
16MNCR5   0.3Ra
AISI 8620    0.05 mm
AISI 8620    0.15 mm
Aluminium Oxide  AL203
Cast Iron
CrN coated M2 Steel
Dymon ic DLC Coated
Dymon ic PURE DLC M2
Glass – Uncoated
Gold Sputter Coating
Graphite IC Chromium Doped
Molybdenum Disulfide Mo Coated
AISI 440C Stainless Steel
AISI 440C Stainless Steel – Rough
M2 Rough
M2  0.3Ra
M2 Tool Steel
Nitride M2
340 HV Smooth
M50 Tool Steel Smooth
M50 Tool Steel Rough
AISI 316L Stainless Steel
Titanium 6A1/4V
Tungsten Carbide
Standard Polished 6 Holes
PDMS 30 Duro
PDMS 50 Duro
1/2″ Standard – 6mm Thick
1/2″ Standard – Rough 0.5, 0.15 RA 6mm Thick
1/2″ Steel Disc Polished –  4mm high, polished
1/2″ Steel Disc Rough –  4mm high, Rough