STLE 2017: Showcasing the PCS-ETM

Next week we will be attending the 72nd STLE Annual Meeting at the Hyatt Regency, Atlanta. We are delighted to reveal this year we will be showcasing two new instruments; PCS-ETM for measuring traction at high contact pressures ( up to 3GPa) with standard specimens and the PCS-BTM, Bio-Analysis Machine for soft contact applications , come and visit us in the exhibition hall at booth 308 & 310 for demonstrations and the full details on these exciting new rigs.

Dr Rich Baker from PCS will be presenting research titled;

‘Investigating the Tribology of Toothbrushing’ at 4pm on Wednesday 24th May in the Baker Room.

The presentation will include results using the BTM to compare the frictional properties of a wide range of commercially available toothpastes and analysis of different methods of brushing.

We hope to see you there.