STLE 2017

This year the STLE Annual General Meeting was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Throughout the conference there was many thought provoking presentations including investigation into White Etching Cracks (WEC’s) using the MPR from Afton Chemicals, Argonne National Laboratory and Imperial College London and a presentation given by Professor Hugh Spikes titled “Mechanochemical Behaviour of ZDDP” using the MTM2. In the near future this research will be continued on the ETM.

Representatives from Chevron Corporation, Croda, Ford Motor Company and Indian Oil all presented data using PCS instruments, for more information or a comprehensive list of all presentations using PCS instruments please contact us.

On the Wednesday afternoon Dr Rich Baker presented research “Investigating the Tribology of Toothbrushing’ , this presentation was well received and followed another dental related presentation comparing the Enamel Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Human Incisor and Molar by J. Zheng. This made for an in-depth detailed discussion at the end of the session which brought the day to a successful close.