STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition – 2024

From 19-23rd May, our PCS Instruments team proudly participated in the STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition in Minneapolis, MN. Our team’s presence at the event was marked by high engagement and significant interest in our innovative tribology test equipment, especially our HPR and MTM-EC instruments, and our brand-new MPR-GI accessory – which are setting new standards for tribology testing for pressurised and grease testing, and electrified tribological contacts.

Among the highlights were insightful presentations delivered by leading experts in tribology. Marc Ingram discussed his pioneering work on injecting grease into an MPR contact, demonstrating how variations in grease can influence micropitting performance. This kind of testing will soon be readily available with our MPR-GI accessory.

Hugh Spikes presented his latest research using our ETM instrument, and his findings indicated that while contact pressure had minimal impact on tribofilm growth, shear stress was a decisive factor. This underscores the nuanced understanding of tribological phenomena that our instruments can facilitate.

Janet Wong and Hugh Spikes also kept the attention of attendees with their presentation on the impact of different environmental conditions on fuel lubricity using our new HPR instrument. Their talk, titled “A New Route to Sustainability – Inert Environments,” highlighted the cutting-edge potential of the HPR in promoting sustainable industrial practices.

A central theme of this year’s conference was the innovation around electric vehicles (EVs), and PCS Instruments was at the heart of these discussions.

PCS Instruments’ own Technical Manager Matt Smeeth presented a fascinating technical session on the “Observation of Tribofilm Formation During Rolling Contact Fatigue Testing.” They introduced an adaptation of the Spacer Layer Image Mapping (SLIM) technique, modified for use with our MPR test rig. This development is crucial for extending the life of machine components by observing tribofilms over longer and more intensive test cycles.

Additionally, Alexander MacLaren from Imperial College London gave an enlightening presentation on enhancing the SLIM on our EHD-HS instrument through error-correcting colorimetry. His talk focused on improving the accuracy of film thickness measurements, crucial for the development and testing of lubricants and additives.

As we reflect on our successful participation at STLE 2024, we are excited about the future collaborations and opportunities that have emerged.

Our continued commitment to advancing tribology research and our dedication to developing high-quality instruments guarantee that PCS Instruments remains a leader in our field.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at Booth #510 and contributed to our fruitful discussions. We look forward to continuing these conversations and exploring new horizons in tribology together.

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