STLE 2024

We'll be attending the STLE 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Welcome to STLE 2024: Explore the Future of Tribology with PCS Instruments

STLE 2024 is approaching fast, and we’re gearing up to engage with you about your tribology strategies and challenges while showcasing some of our advanced instrumentation. Read on for all the information you’ll need regarding PCS Instruments for this year’s event!


As industry leaders in precision testing and analysis, we invite you to join us at Booths 508, 510, and 512 for an immersive exploration into our state of the art instruments.


Step into our exhibition space and engage with our team of experts, including Matt Smeeth, Rory McAllister, Ben Wainwright, Dana Miller, and Mel Morley, who will be on hand to offer in-depth discussions and personalised advice tailored to your specific tribology challenges. Come and say hi!


Throughout the event, we will be showcasing the HPR, MTM-EC, and the newly released MPR-GI accessory. Designed to tackle the most demanding lubrication scenarios, our technologies empower you to achieve precision testing and optimise performance across a variety of applications.

Experience the STLE Difference

STLE’s conference is renowned for its comprehensive programme, featuring over 500 technical presentations, case studies, and discussion panels covering the latest trends and advancements in tribology. As a focal point for industry professionals from around the world, this event offers unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and collaboration.

PCS Instruments Technical Session

Join us for a technical session where PCS Instruments’ own Matthew Smeeth, alongside Marc Ingram of Ingram Tribology Ltd., will delve into groundbreaking research on tribofilm formation during rolling contact fatigue testing. Discover the innovative adaptation of the spacer layer image mapping (SLIM) technique for long-term and high-cycle contact scenarios, presenting insights crucial for the longevity of machine components.

Connect with Us

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See you at STLE 2024!