STLE Conference Review

We are now a week on from another incredibly successful STLE annual meeting and it is time to reflect on just how brilliant it was to be able to catch up with old friends, colleagues and new faces, even if it had to be virtually. We had lots of great interest at our booth and coupled with the pleasure of seeing so much innovative work being conducted on our instruments, we all left the conference with smiles on our faces! If you didn’t manage to catch us at our booth (or if you did and want to find out more), please don’t hesitate to get in touch either by email or by phone. 

Throughout the week, the over 1100 conference attendees were treated to a total of 70 different sessions. It would be impossible for us to pick out any single favourites from the sessions as the standard of all the sessions was so high. However, it was great to see the MPR being used as the instrument of choice for investigating white etching crack formation (WECs), and how far this area of research has come in recent years. It was also fascinating to see the continuing growth of the grease industry; with some in the field predicting that in a decade the automotive industry will be using ten to twenty percent more grease per year than it does currently.  With that increase, more focus has turned to the grease industry, and it was interesting to see the different ways researchers were using the MTM to develop the greases of the future. 

As a proud Palladium level sponsor of this year’s STLE annual meeting, PCS Instruments would like to thank all of you who attended and all those who presented for making the conference such a resounding success. Without the thirst for knowledge and the willingness to share that you have all shown, events like this wouldn’t be the same; and the rapid and inspiring advances we have seen in our field of tribology wouldn’t have been possible.  

So, thank you all and we can’t wait to see you – hopefully in person – at STLE 2022 in Orlando. 

Quickfire Questions

Was this year’s STLE a success? 

We’d certainly say so. With over 1100 attendees and 70 technical sessions, the four days went brilliantly! While we wish we had been able to see you all in person, this event was still well worth attending. 

Will you be attending next year? 

We definitely will be. We’re really excited to get back to in-person conferences and hope that we get to a place where it is safe to do so, ready for us all to attend next year. Fingers crossed for Orlando 2022. 

I missed your booth, how do I get in touch? 

Don’t worry if you missed us at our booth, we know that everyone was busy attending talks! Feel free to email us or give us a call.  

I’d like to download the company overview brochure from your booth, where can I find it? 

To find our company overview brochure simply head to our website at There you will find an overview of our products, a handy database of papers for a range of tribological fields that you can easily search, and much, much more.