The Ingram Roots Lubricity Rating System (IRLRS)

Developed by engineers at PCS Instruments in partnership with the team at Ingram Tribology, the IRLRS represents a leap forward in the ease of lubricant testing by expediting the test development process.

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The Ingram Roots Lubricity Rating System (IRLRS) is a new digital tool developed by PCS Instruments in collaboration with Ingram Tribology. It is a brand-new way to rate lubricants in terms of their ability to reduce friction across all lubrication regimes which is repeatable, reliable, and easy to use.

The IRLRS works by generating a completely customised test for each lubricant being tested. It does this by adjusting entrainment speeds and test duration based upon the viscosity of the test lubricant to ensure parity of severity (other input parameters can be added for more bespoke profile generation).

Once the test is finished and the results file is opened in the IRLRS pc app, the software examines the resulting Stribeck curve and rates the lubricant out of 10 in each lubrication regime, based upon its average friction coefficient value.

The automation of test development by the IRLRS makes tribology testing easier by allowing you to spend less time determining test parameters and more time developing new lubricants.

  • Straightforward lubricant rating system giving a score between 1 and 10 for each lubrication regime.
  • Automated test profile generation from basic lubricant properties.
  • Applicable to a wide range of lubricants from engine oils to industrial gear oils.
  • Easy to use software

Contact us for your copy of the IRLRS or to hear more about how the IRLRS can expand your testing capabilities.