Tribo Talks PCS Podcast Series

Welcome to Tribo Talks, your gateway to the fascinating world of tribology! Get ready to embark on an exciting journey filled with expert insights, captivating discussions, and cutting-edge research. 

About Tribo Talks 

Tribo Talks is your guide to the world of tribology. From exploring the basics of friction, wear, and lubrication to delving into the latest research and industry applications, we’re here to make tribology accessible and engaging for everyone. Join us as we chat with experts, share insights, and delve into the fascinating dynamics of surface interactions. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or simply curious about the inner workings, Tribo Talks has something for you. Welcome to the conversation!

What You Can Expect  


In our launch episode, “Tribology Through the Years: A Retrospective with John, Clive & Steve,” we go on an exploration of tribology’s evolution alongside esteemed pioneers and founders of PCS Instruments, John Hutchinson and Clive Hamer in conversation with our CEO Steve Horder. Drawing from decades of experience, they offer invaluable insights into the historical landscape of this field and its profound impact across various sectors.

As we continue our journey, Tribo Talks will feature esteemed guests each offering their unique expertise and perspectives on the world of tribology. From fundamental principles to cutting-edge innovations, our podcast series serves as a comprehensive resource for those seeking to deepen their understanding of tribology’s diverse applications.

Join us on a journey where knowledge converges with expertise, and insightful discussions pave the way for greater understanding and discovery.

Where to Listen  

Our podcast will be available on Spotify and Apple, making it easy for you to listen at home, or on the go. Once you get the go ahead, simply subscribe to our podcast channel and be the first to access new episodes as soon as they’re released. 

Stay Tuned 

Our first episode in the series is right around the corner so be sure to stay updated on the latest news and announcements. Join us as we unlock the secrets of tribology and discover the endless possibilities it holds. 

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Get ready to unlock the secrets of tribology on an unforgettable journey with Tribo Talks. Stay tuned for our first episode – coming soon!