Tribology for Industry online course by Ingram Tribology

Tribology for Industry Training Course run by Ingram Tribology

As global leaders in the world of tribology test equipment, PCS Instruments is committed to spreading knowledge of the field to as many people as possible. In recent years we have fulfilled this commitment by supporting the Engineering Development Trust and the National Mentoring Awards, as well as sponsoring a project for the Engineering Education Scheme where we worked with a school team to develop tribology knowledge and the engineering mind set in the students. We understand though that learning doesn’t stop when you leave school, and continuing professional development through courses, talks and independent study is incredibly important and offers a chance to bring tribology knowledge to those who may not have been taught it before or want to consolidate their learnings.

Therefore, we would like to promote to you the Tribology for Industry training course run by Ingram Tribology, starting next week. This course was designed by the team at Ingram tribology to meet the needs of both those new to the world of tribology as well as those of us that have been in the field but are looking to consolidate and further our knowledge.

Led by Marc, who has over 10 years’ experience in the field, Ingram Tribology work to provide specialist knowledge of lubricant tribology and testing to a range of companies. This particular course “Tribology for Industry” has become a staple of the tribology calendar having been run biannually since the company’s formation and is focussed on providing the attendees the knowledge they need to use tribology methods with confidence.

In Marc’s words,
“The Tribology for Industry training course is tailored to meet the needs of researchers and product development scientists. Attendees will be taught the basics of Tribology, the fundamentals of friction and wear, along with the most useful calculations and the most popular test methods.”

If you are interested in attending and want to find out more we encourage you to check out the Ingram Tribology website at or contact them directly at