TUM 2017

Our General Manager Dr Rich Baker was invited to speak at the Masters course that Professor Oliver Lieleg runs at the Technische Universität München (TUM). The course, entitled “Experimental Methods for the Characterization of Biomaterials” has been run for a few years, but this year Professor Lieleg invited a select group of industrial companies to come in to speak about practical applications under the title “Experimental characterization of Biomaterials”. This was presented to Rich as a useful way for the students (both masters and PhD students) to see how the courses they are studying and the research they are undertaking can be seen as relevant to the outside (industrial working) world and also as an opportunity to see what work they are currently undertaking at TUM.

A lab tour of the equipment and research being undertaken was given by a PhD student and Rich’s presentation followed. It was on bio-tribology and the applications that are currently being studied by companies and in other academic institutions. The talk was scheduled for a 45 minute slot and Rich was warned that the students normally leave on time (even if he is still talking).

The students were fully engaged throughout the presentation which lasted an hour and an in depth question-answer session followed.  The feedback showed that the presentation was clear and well received, despite the fact it was the first presentation given which was not in German.

The presentation included a quick overview of tribology and then the main areas of bio tribology in more detail. Results from recent work on contact lenses, food processing and skin creams were presented before a case study of toothbrush and toothpaste interaction was shown to highlight the importance that tribology plays in oral care.

For a copy of the presentation please contact PCS.