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Universal Technology Co and PCS Seminar Beijing, 2018

Last week we attended and presented at a seminar organised by Universal Technology Company for industry experts and researchers interested in the field of tribology. Dr Rich Baker and Grace Hully had the 3 hour afternoon slot to introduce PCS products to an audience of approximately 60 delegates from across the country.

It was a seamlessly prepared event with a tasty buffet lunch and an impressive gift bag to take home. Universal had also produced the first printed material for the ETM our new instrument being launched this month. The afternoon ended with questions and a group photo.


The following day Universal sales and support teams from their five offices had gathered in the Beijing office for a training session on PCS tribology products, applications and benefits. It was a very productive session with exciting discussions on where tribology instruments could be used in China. Dr Rich Baker ended the afternoon by presenting Universal with an award for Outstanding Sales and Support in 2017. To date Universal has sold the highest amount of PCS Instruments equipment. The evening consisted with a traditional Chinese meal and entertainment.

The final day was filled by visiting our Chinese customers and hearing what interesting ideas and requirements they had for instruments in the future. To summmarise, it was a very successful and interesting trip to China and PCS are looking forward to continuing to work closely with Universal to provide solutions and education to the ever growing Chinese markets.