Designing and manufacturing equipment for the testing of fuels and lubricants.

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PCS Instruments are global leaders in the tribology test equipment industry. Established in 1987, we design and manufacture cutting edge instruments for analysing the properties of lubricants and fuels.

Our instruments give researchers the tools to benchmark their products against market leading brands, and play a pivotal role in the development of world class lubricants, materials and formulations.

We have a worldwide client base, spanning over 100 countries, of users performing to ISO and ASTM test methods as well as specialised tribology research in a wide range of industries.

We support our products either directly from the UK or through our extensive network of trained distributors, which ensures all our customers receive fast, reliable service and support.

Our mission is to develop and supply the most innovative tribology research equipment, to help our customers provide market-leading products & services.

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Why choose PCS Instruments

Compact, benchtop and highly automated, our instruments require minimal lab space and user intervention.

Intuitive software applications make defining and running different test profiles a straightforward task.

Simple test setup and calibration procedures help users to produce fast, repeatable results and reduce training time.

Test data can be easily imported into other applications for further analysis.

Tribology Key Elements



The resistance that one object encounters when sliding over another.



The damaging, gradual removal of material at contacting solid surfaces in relative motion.



The process of introducing a substance to reduce friction and wear between surfaces in contact.

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PCS core values

Innovation: We are a world-leading tribology company dedicated to providing the most advanced products, processes and services.

Customer Focus: We partner with our customers and share our expertise to exceed their expectations and achieve sustainability goals.

Integrity: We operate our business to the highest level of quality and ethical standards.

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