Part code: USV
Main product features
  • Mechanical unit including PC with data logging software
  • Ability to be able to measure shear rates of up to 107 s -1 reciprocal seconds
  • Due to rotor and stator being manufactured from the same material and parallel surfaces, there is no need to calibrate between temperature changes
  • User manual, tool set, variable displacement laboratory pipette
  • Technical Specs
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  • Knowledge
Shear Rate Range 106 s-1 to 107 s-1
Testing Temperature 40°C to 150°C
Test Sample Volume < 5 ml
Flushing Procedure Duration 10 min
Number of pre-set Measurements unlimited
Temperature Target Window +/- 0.1°C
Main Sensor Type Platinum RTD
Safety Sensor Types Platinum RTD
Mains Power 100 / 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 200 W (universal)
Weight 22 Kg / 48.4 lb
Dimensions (cm) 23 (w) x 46 (d) x 46 (h)
Dimensions (Inches) 9 (w) x 18 (d) x 18 (h)


The USV is a computer controlled instrument capable of fully automatic viscosity measurements up to 107 s-1  reciprocal seconds. Accurate measurement of dynamic viscosity at very high shear rates is of particular concern in the Automotive Industry. Lubricants developed for motor vehicle applications are typically non-Newtonian making it necessary to reproduce the shear rate found in engines when measuring the viscosity. Several international standards (ASTM, CEC) define procedures to measure the High Temperature High Shear (HTHS) viscosity at 150°C and 107  s-1  reciprocal seconds.

These capacities are enhanced by the simple to use software and a rapid turnaround: a complete temperature/shear rate map for a lubricant can be completed in around 1 hour.