The PCS Instruments App

Developed in-house by PCS Instruments, the PCS Instruments App allows anyone and everyone to make easy and fast Hertz contact pressure and size calculations, all from your phone or tablet.

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The PCS Instruments App is available now for free on both the App Store and Google Play. Follow the links to download your copy!

The PCS App allows you to easily calculate contact sizes and pressures for our full range of instruments, specimen geometries and materials – while giving you the freedom to save and use custom materials, and define your own geometry from a set of typical Hertz contacts.

For custom Hertz contacts, you can select from a range of standard (and custom) contact types to fit all your testing needs. For circular and line contacts all you need to enter is the radius of the sample and one other parameter, and the app will instantly calculate the load required to achieve this and all the other parameters. These parameters are:

  • Load
  • Maximum pressure
  • Contact radius
  • Mean pressure
  • Contact area
  • Approach