A ball-on-disc instrument for measuring the frictional properties of lubricated and unlubricated contacts under an applied electrical potential, and a wide range of rolling and sliding conditions.

Part code: MTM-EC

Main product features

  • The MTM-EC upgrade allows for novel investigations into effects of electric potentials on tribological contacts.
  • User-provided oscilloscopes and power supply units allow for extensive customisation.
  • The MTM software can control the triggering of the MTM-EC, improving repeatability of tests and removing user-induced error.
  • The ball and disc specimens are electrically isolated, allowing either specimen to act as the anode or cathode.
  • Independently driven specimens enable a wide range of contact conditions to be replicated across all three lubrication regimes.
  • Simple test setup and calibration procedures enable users to produce fast, repeatable results and reduces training time.
  • Based on the tried-and-tested MTM system, guaranteeing quality and reliability.

The MTM-EC is a modification for existing MTM systems, which can not only measure frictional properties under a wide range of speeds, loads and temperatures, but now also gives users the ability to apply an electrical potential across the ball and disc contact. This allows for the quick characterisation of lubricants, materials and formulations, and now also the study of electrical potentials in tribological contacts.

The MTM-EC keeps the unique ball-on-disc configuration of the standard MTM, enabling any combination of rolling and sliding conditions to be replicated, spanning all three lubrication regimes (boundary, mixed and EHL).

It is also an easily customisable system, with users being able to customise their own power supply and oscilloscope attachments, meaning the MTM-EC builds upon the already impressive versatility of the standard MTM. PCS Instruments will also provide an oscilloscope integrated with the MTM-EC software, and a DC power supply unit.
Available as either a modification to an existing MTM, or as a new system entirely, the MTM-EC is an essential rig for those in growing fields ranging from electric vehicles to renewable power generation.

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