Part code: PCS-003291
Main product features
  • Measurement of the formation and removal of anti-wear tribofilms at high contact pressures
  • Studying the influence of very high shear stresses on lubricant/material chemistry (mechanochemistry)
  • Scuffing testing of lubricants, materials and surface finishes
  • Characterisation of lubricant properties for traction drive applications
  • Exploration of friction modifier behaviour at realistic contact pressures
  • Technical Specs
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Load 100N-1650N
Contact Pressure Up to 3.5 GPa with standard 52100 steel specimens
Temperature Up to 150°C
Speed -3.5 to 3.5m/s
Slide/Roll Ratio 0 to 200%
Power Supply 100 - 240 Vac
Test Sample Volume 35 ml (10ml with pot filler)

Peak Hertzian contact pressures typically range from 1.8 GPa in gears and cams to 3.5 GPa in rolling bearings and toroidal traction drives.  The PCS-ETM enables tribological phenomena to be studied over the full range of pressures.