The PCS Wellbeing Programme

Introducing the PCS wellbeing programme: fostering physical health, mental health, and work-life balance for our staff's success.

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The aim is to continuously improve our workplace wellbeing culture through this ongoing programme, focusing on physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing and work-life balance.

As a primary focus and part of the overall strategy of the organisation moving forward, our new Wellbeing programme has been curated to support three key aspects of our working environment.

A cornerstone of both business and personal success, wellbeing is important to us as we care about our staff and know the benefits this initiative offers. We want you to thrive and enjoy time spent at work. By having a wellbeing plan in place, it can reduce absence due to stress or sickness and equally improve retention rates and overall job satisfaction.

Physical Wellbeing
Supporting and improving the employee’s physical wellbeing.

Monthly physical challenges

In February 2024, we started a physical challenge campaign where colleagues compete to complete a monthly challenge. With various workouts ranging from split sets, to endurance, there’s an option for everyone that wants to try it out or do something a little different!

Healthy eating and drinking initiatives

Incorporating vibrant healthy eating and drinking initiatives at work helps us all feel our best! It’s not just about staying healthy – it’s about enjoying the journey together, creating a workplace where wellbeing thrives.

Physical health awareness campaigns

Encouraging regular exercise through various awareness campaigns, coupled with healthy eating habits and ergonomic practices can reduce absenteeism, boost energy levels, and improve concentration. By prioritising physical health, PCS is creating a supportive environment that fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and long-term success.

Mental Wellbeing
Empowering the employee’s mental wellbeing.

Company book club

It turns out, many of us enjoy a good book! Our company book club is a vibrant forum where colleagues delve into various literary worlds. Each meeting offers a platform for passionate exchanges, dissecting favourite passages and exploring themes. It fosters a sense of community, igniting intellectual curiosity, and strengthening bonds beyond the confines of our workplace. With over a third of our employees in the book club, it has proved extremely popular!

Mental wellbeing awareness campaigns

These initiatives provide education, resources, and avenues for seeking help. By fostering empathy and understanding, they empower PCS employees to prioritise self-care, reduce stress, and seek assistance when needed, ultimately enhancing overall wellbeing.

Mental health and stress awareness training

Our mental health and stress awareness campaigns equip employees with invaluable tools to navigate their lives and overcome challenges. Through interesting presentations promoting self-care, recognising triggers, and fostering resilience. This investment in mental wellbeing fosters a supportive culture, enhancing productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction within our workforce.

Improving workplace environment

By implementing strategies such as open communication, flexible schedules, and stress-reducing initiatives, PCS offers space where employees feel valued and supported.

Work-life Balance
Enhancing the employee’s work-life balance.

Work-life balance is crucial for maintaining overall wellbeing and productivity. It enables individuals the time to recharge, pursue personal interests, and nurture relationships outside of work commitments. When employees feel balanced, they are more engaged, motivated, and less prone to burnout. At PCS, helping employees achieve a healthy equilibrium between professional responsibilities and personal life is vital.

Flexible Working

Enhanced Maternity Leave


Social Events

Enhanced Pension Scheme

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