A fully automatic laboratory instrument for evaluating the scuffing load resistance of diesel (middle distillate) fuel according to ASTM D6078.

Part code: PCS-002756

Main product features

  • Microprocessor control of all instrument functions
  • Simple user interface. Instrument functions can be upgraded by downloading new firmware
  • Both the standard ASTM D6078 test sequences (Procedure A and B) come pre-loaded into microprocessor controller
  • Automatic control of whole test sequence
  • No operator-induced variability in test results
  • Automatic flow controllers for moist and dry air
  • No operator input needed to set the humidity and flow rate of the conditioned air
  • Optional PC-based control and data logging software
  • Allows alternative test programmes to be downloaded into instrument, and test parameters to be recorded as a permanent record
  • Humidity and temperature measurement does not need to be re-calibrated – simply exchange the combined relative humidity and temperature probe for a precalibrated unit
  • Single source of supply for both the test rings and test equipment

PCS Instruments’ ABSSL System (Automated BOCLE System Scuffing Load) is a fully automatic laboratory instrument for carrying out lubricity testing of diesel (middle distillate) fuel. It fully conforms to the requirements of ASTM D-6078 “Standard Test Method for Evaluating Lubricity of Diesel Fuels by the Scuffing Load Ball-on-Cylinder Lubricity Evaluator (SLBOCLE)”.

The standard PCS ABS test equipment can be modified to allow the SL-BOCLE tests to be carried out. Alternatively, the ABSSL test equipment can be supplied as new.

As with the standard BOCLE test, the instrument utilises a flooded, Ball-on-Cylinder contact geometry. Since the onset of scuffing is characterised by a sudden rise in the friction force between two contacting bodies, a load cell is incorporated into the load arm assembly. This is able to measure the tangential friction force between the rotating disc and stationary ball.

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