HFRR Humidity and Temperature Probe including Cable and Bracket

Part code: PCS-002803

An optional combined humidity and temperature probe can be connected to the rear of the HFRR control unit. For some test procedures, the wear scar must be adjusted to compensate for the effect of fuel moisture content on the result. The probe will automatically measure the ambient temperature and humidity at the start and end of the test, instead of the user having to take the measurements manually.

Supplied Components

  • HFRR Humidity and Temperature probe
  • Probe Connecting Cable
  • Probe Bracket (not required if using an HFRR Humidity Controlled Cabinet)

If the instrument is being used with a humidity controlled cabinet, the probe should be located in the fitting provided on the left side of the cabinet. If the instrument is not being used with a humidity controlled cabinet, a bracket is supplied with the probe, enabling the probe to be connected to the side of the mechanical unit.